Fierce curiosity to provide new strategies and platforms to improve your business.

FEROCITI is a company committed to providing strategy and or technologies that can redefine the way you do business. From our first pre-paid maintenance product LubeNinja, to an entirely new technology that will change the manner in which you engage in digital media, FEROCITI is constantly looking for new ways to facilitate proven strategies at scale and bringing new technologies to market to enhance your bottom line.


Direct-to-Consumer Web Platform

Our customized web-application platform allows our clients to package products or services that are sold direct to consumers to help drive retention and increase revenue. Each engagement is individualized and private labeled to meet our clients’ needs and services.

LubeNinja specializes in facilitating the transaction of customized prepaid maintenance packages – specifically oil changes and related ancillary parts and services – for automotive service franchisees. Our proprietary technology provides franchisees with a powerful customer retention platform that can drive traffic, improve customer retention, and significantly grow service revenue. This program is extremely easy to setup and use, and very cost effective to run.


Digital Media Placement

Open up new revenue streams around existing and future customer interactions. Instead of leading them to Google or Amazon, you can own the consumer journey through a single click.

The first AI customer experience platform that integrates within any video on any screen. Source drives new revenues by maximizing brand and product integration strategies through hyper targeted brand activation in and across the screen, and facilitating “commerce in content” by literally letting the viewer transact and purchase against the inspired objects or moments in the content. Source adds new viewers to your content by enhancing the content experience with hyper interactivity – adding depth to the content story line and even letting the viewer communicate back.

Underscoring all of this is a robust set of analytics that measures what was happening at against any on screen object or moment in the content experience.


Brian Lucas, CEO

Brian has over 35 years of business development and growth experience from various industries such as: banking, transportation, insurance, technology and software. He has a proven track record of success in developing strategies to expand markets, and grow sales, for both B2B and B2C clients.

Brian has delivered tangible results at every level by establishing effective processes to improve customer service, setting competitive and realistic revenue goals, and creating initiatives and marketing strategies to deliver upon what was promised.

Brian brings a “listen first” mentality to every potential client and opportunity. That poignant curiosity in the problems, and the people who can solve them, provides FEROCITI with a unique ability to customize solutions to maximize return on investment.

Jeff Wilhoite, Founder

Jeff has over 20 years of experience in business improvement, advancement, and sales, with a very diverse experience level ranging from supply chain, procurement, IT, and commercial sales across several major brands. Jeff formed FEROCITI, with a goal of broadening the reach of improving business performance outside of the Automotive sector using the same types of methods and relationships.